Elements:  Our core class names, have been inspired by nature’s elements, containing our life vibrations


FIRE - Flow (Heated):


Fire up your energy vibrations in this fire flow class!  The element of fire, symbolizes energy and victory; the will and the power to act. Overcome challenges, practice acceptance, and brighten your inner flames in this unheated Power flow.Let’s fire it up!!!


AIR - Slow Flow (Unheated):


Our Air class, is an unheated flow, often incorporating longer holds, allowing you to really focus on your air vibrations (breathing practice). You will be able to focus on your postures and transition, with breath, to deepen your awareness of the poses and your body. Great for anyone, including beginners!


WATER - Gentle Flow (Unheated):


Our Water class, like a trickling stream, allows your vibrations to be slower and calming.  You will find deep relaxation and awareness of your mind and body. This is a gentle paced class, intended to be very soothing and calming. This class will offer alternatives and modifications to classic poses, to ensure you are able to get the most out of your practice.