Class Descriptions


Gentle Motion - This class moves at a slow and smooth pace, offering options & modifications for varying ability levels. Low impact, yet strengthening! This class is appropriate for all levels, including beginners!

Slow Flow & Fundamentals - This class emphasizes the use of breath with movement, to create fluid transitions. Come build strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance!  All levels welcome!

The 45 Flow  - This class is designed for those on a time crunch, that still want to participate in our yoga classes. This is a 45 minute class, designed to build strength, improve flexibility, and will ensure you still improve respiration, energy and vitality.

Yoga Core & Stability - This class is designed to fire up your body!!! A strengthening and stabilizing yoga sequence will be the primary focus, but the incorporation of fitness balls will take it to the next level. Come get those muscles working!

Buti Yoga is a high-intensity practice transforming the body from the inside out. This class has a foundation in power yoga fused with primal movement, dynamic asana, cardio-sprints and deep abdominal toning. Music guides classes to create a high-intensity workout that transforms the body and soul. Come be a part of a tribe striving for empowerment, health, happiness & confidence.  *non-heated but be prepared to sweat

Earth Yoga - Keep an eye on the events tab for these wonderfully refreshing outdoor classes *Seasonal*